Horse Example

I bought You know, because it was available, and it’s a .horse domain. DOT HORSE! Why do we have a .horse top level domain? Who knows? It’s awesome!

Did you know that is taken? is also taken. I can only assume that’s because NBC is working on a “Law and Order: Horse” spinoff. I can also only assume it will feature the ghost of Lenny riding a talking, crime-solving horse from the future.

As the owner of a .horse domain, I intend to provide a constant stream of high quality horse content. So just hoof over to for all of your horse content needs!

Actually, what I now serve at is the same content, but with most of the nouns changed to “horse.” I used the Entagger gem to find any nouns over a certain length. I exclude a few specific words just so it doesn’t get too horsey.